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Where our clients goals & desires become our focus inspiration & solutions.

We provide our clients with a high level of service and Design Excellence within a full service package for Hospitality/Restaurant, Commercial and Multi Family projects.

Our collaborative spirit, award winning achievement and creative talent is reflective in the successful projects, crafted for our clients and those who Dwell within the spaces.

KDG has been in business since 1990.

Design Services

Every project has intrinsic value which deserves and receives attention to detail for an uncompromising quality of design.

Procurement Services

Kieffer Design Group strives to increase the ROI for properties with profitable solutions.

KDG purposefully integrates procurement and design services from initiation through installation to collectively create a project that is well designed and transparently managed for a successful outcome.

At KDG, we aim to inspire and engage ones soul as we create
environments that balance our clients desires and
long term strategies with guest expectations.

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Each project is unique and responds to the structure, its location and its purpose.

Every environment deserves to be thoughtful, memorable and leave a guest or visitor with a higher sense of enlightenment and positive energy.



We are Strategic Partners with our clients.

Our deep understanding, knowledge, and passion for design is apparent in the details, conceptual expression and consistent attention to our clients needs.

The highly passionate team collaborates on all projects designing with the latest trends in mind.

The team spirit and positive energy is contagious!


Vision & Mission

At KDG we aim to Inspire and Engage ones soul as we create environments that evoke excitement, are engaging, sustainable and memorable. It is our focus to balance our clients needs and long term strategies with guests expectations.

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Our Values

Our relationships with our clients are vital and primary to our company’s success. We are unwavering in our support and we are our clients best advocate.

Philanthropic values and efforts are important platform at KDG and to the staff individually.



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