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We approach every project with unbridled passion. Our creative expression and expertise is innate in all services we provide and at every phase from design through installation.

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Why KDG?

  • We are strategic partners with our clients.
  • As a women-led design firm we are firm believers in a highly collaborative atmosphere where all team members bring value and meaning.
  • The team at KDG possess a deep understanding of design and procurement which is apparent in the details, conceptual expression and the consistent attention we provide to our clients.
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Vision & Mission

  • We aim to inspire and curate environments which evoke favorable and exciting moments.
  • Our focus is to balance our clients needs with long-term strategies while surpassing expectations

Our Values

  • To form lasting relationships with our clients by providing unwavering support and advocacy for their vision.
  • Philanthropic values and efforts are an important staple in our lives and work
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