Hotel Business – Affordable & COVID-Safe Guestroom Changes That Pay Off
COVID-Safe Guestroom




Our president of Kieffer Design Group Judi Kieffer provided her expertise on “Affordable & COVID-Safe Guestroom Changes That Pay Off” for Hotel Business.  (The magazine brings valuable research and insight to hotel ownership and operations teams, and is always a great tool for us as designers in spotting trends in the hospitality world and understanding the industry more fully.) 

You can read the article here, or access the information as an illustrated e-book, which has additional details, tips, and some of our favorite product solutions.  

We’re confident in the future growth and development of the travel industry and its trajectory to reach previous levels of RevPAR and occupancy (and even surpass them).

That’s why now can be an opportune time to begin and execute a property improvement plan – especially for those with guest room refreshes, turning low occupancy into a perfect chance for renovation projects without having to block off rooms and miss out on revenue. 

A PIP also makes sense due to the CARES Act, which allows 100 percent bonus depreciation for property improvements. That means you can immediately deduct costs associated with improving facilities instead of having to depreciate those improvements over 39 years, increasing your cash flow and incentivizing investment now. 

Can’t afford to do it all at once? Perhaps start with a few model rooms to spur interest and highlight the changes to come. Brands right now are encouraging and approving this step of forward motion to show progress.

But you need to be smart about these renovations, because the ongoing and post-COVID world has new guest expectations and needs, and there are a suite of new products and solutions that can actually SAVE money – both now and year after year.

Have questions about property improvements? Or want to hear more from Judi about her favorite guest room products that save time and money? Send Judi an email at


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